Saturday, February 1, 2014

When You Choose to Dream Big

I'm a teacher.  I teach my students math.  But I also feel it's my job to teach them so much more than that.  In the past year I've had to pleasure of interacting with and being inspired by Angela Maiers, Steve Mesler, Josh Sweeney, and the Classroom Champions organization.

That inspiration has flowed over into my students.  Kids are imaginative, creative, thoughtful, and inspiring.  They come up with the best ideas.  One thing I want to do as a teacher is empower my students.  Empower them to believe in their dreams, to believe in the impossible.  But most of all to believe that every one of them has value and has something of value to offer the world.

Every child matters.  Every child is important.  If we all spent the time to empower or students to change the world and to do things that touch their hearts, imagine what could happen.  Imagine the avalanche of kindness and goodness that could come.

Below is a product of what my student's have been learning and working on.  Their only directions were, "How would you change the world? Think about what breaks your heart and how you would change it." My kids believe in the impossible and believe in their dreams.

I also have to give a HUGE thank you to Melissa Greene who gave us permission to use her super inspiring song "Imagine" as well.

We hope this video inspires you as much as it has inspired us.


  1. Your blog post is so inspiring! Valuing individuals, empowering others through touching hearts with kindness and goodness... Thanks for sharing your thoughts in writing. May we all let loving-kindness flow through us!

  2. Beautiful post and video! Like you, I am a math teacher who believes in teaching so much more. I love the idea of having students make a film for dreaming big!

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